Cataract surgery


Cataract surgery

A condition of the eyes wherein the lens of the eye becomes cloudy or fogged-up is known as cataract (or motiya), which makes basic tasks such as reading and driving difficult. We are a team of specialists with cutting-edge technology and extensive proficiency to help offer services for cataract. We are based in Raipur, Chattisgarh. 

Usually, a cataract is developed when proteins in the eyes clump together making the lens cloudy. Symptoms such as various signs and symptoms of cataracts are 

  • Blurry or hazy or cloudy vision
  • Increased sensitivity to glare
  • Frequent prescription changes
  • Difficulty in reading
  • Difficulty in seeing during low light
  • Fading of colours
  • Double vision
  • Halos around lights
  • Changes in vision prescription

Here are the treatment options for cataracts-

Non-Surgical Treatment

Non-surgical treatment options include a prescription of eyeglasses that can help improve your vision temporarily. Along with that, adequate and bright lighting can help in addressing cataract-related vision problems. Wearing sunglasses that offer UV protection can help manage glare and light sensitivity caused by cataracts.

Surgical Treatment

When cataracts significantly interfere with your daily activities and quality of life, surgical removal is the most effective treatment. The cloudy lens is removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) based on visual needs during cataract surgery.  

  • Types of Cataract include 

    1. Nuclear cataract– A type that affects the centre of the lens. It leads to yellowing or browning of the lens making it difficult to distinguish between various shades of color.
    2. Cortical cataract- A type that affects the edges of the lens. It leads to interference with light passing through the centre of the lens.
    3. Posterior subcapsular cataract- A type that affects the back of the lens. It leads to interference with the reading vision and causes the formation of glare or halos at night.
    4. Congenital cataract– A type that is present by birth due to genetics or trauma.

    We offer exceptional cataract surgery services, delivering optimal vision outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

Rest assured, we will go above and beyond to ensure you receive the utmost quality of care possible.​

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